How to Put the “Social” Back In Social Media

by Akash Gupta

There is a recent, misconstrued notion that having a large fan following or getting the most “likes” online means you are famous. This preposterous idea has shifted its way into the professional world as well where the internet is used to boost sales, create a bigger company and increase profits substantially. But sadly, the realization that the more comments you collect doesn’t equal to the more money in your pocket is slowly starting to sink in and people are now left scratching their heads in wonderment. So, what exactly does it take to get a business back in the game using the Web? It’s actually very simple really. Let’s take it step by step. Contests: The one word every human responds to is “FREE”. So, use it to your advantage. Organize contests so that your customers feel like they are a part of your institution. For example, host a video contest where the people get to make videos for your product in their quirky way. Give out rewards to the most impressive video and use it to boot your business. You get a free ad and the people feel wanted. It’s a Win-Win. socialmedia Involvement: One of the most important things for a business working online to remember is to always get involved. If the public are asking questions online, RESPOND. If they are praising or criticizing your products, react accordingly. Sympathize with the customers because, as you know it, they are always right. Use the customer’s experiences and stories and share them. How to Put the “Social” Back In Social Media Take Ideas and Ask Questions: Making the people feel like they are wanted by the company gives them a sense of happiness. So, get the people to suggest their ideas about anything from the name of a new product to the design of the new building. People always have suggestions, so why not take them? Maybe one will actually work out in your favor. Ask the public questions like, “what is our most sold product?” and see what answers you get. It will not only show you what they feel is the most successful but will also give you insight on what they want for the future. This is the basic points to remember when using the internet to your advantage. Keep your business running on more than just likes, comments and shares. Give the people what they want and you will see a huge difference in the way your business functions.

Akash Gupta


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