The Difference between SEO and SEM

by Akash Gupta


For as long as they have existed, SEO and SEM have been confused for one and the same but in reality, they couldn’t be more individualistic. People think that search engines are simple, uncomplicated bars where you type in what you are looking for. But behind that white space lies two of the biggest clogs that actually need to work together in order to function smoothly. SEO cannot work without SEM and vice-versa. So, what is the difference between the two? Let’s find out.   SEO: We all know it stands for Search Engine Optimization but take that a little further. How does it optimize our searching needs? Well, the goal for and SEO expert is to get the website he works for to the top of the results when searched for anything pertaining to that website. For example, if you are looking for a BMW car on Google, the first website that pops up in the results is what everyone is aiming for. Why? Because no one really looks any further than the first page of any search result. So, these experts use any means possible to get their website to the top and luckily Google has a number of tools that assist in building the popularity of that website.   SEM: This is where the actual work behind SEO comes in. Search Engine Marketing is exactly how the name describes it. It is nothing else but marketing for the website so that it reaches a top level rank in the SEO rankings. SEM experts need to get traffic into the website which in turn raises the rating and the rank of the website which finally results in a top spot in the search results. Basically, for SEO to function smoothly, SEM is required.   As you can see, both SEO and SEM are the one and the same but at the same time, they are completely different in their functionality. Both branches work at building a websites ranking and popularity. SEO and SEM have always worked together for the betterment of a business and they will continue to do so till there is a another wheel implemented and then too, it will probably integrate that too and help the website and the business do even better.

Akash Gupta


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