Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Of 2016

by Bhaskar Das

As 2015 was a hit for the digital marketers, the emerging top 5 tends of digital marketing can be the graph turner for the traders in this financial year. Consumers, who get a lot of digital platforms nowadays, are still not introduced with the new digital services and innovations. The top most digital market service schemes will not only expose latest opportunities, but also evolve the knowledge and much more.

E-commerce and search to replace google with Facebook:

E-commerce and search to replace google with Facebook

Searching over Facebook about the shops, will make the browsing activity more interesting than looking for businesses over Google, where visitors can check out more images and emojis, and give likes to the business in a less complicated, simpler way.

Becoming available on social site, will make the business searches more optimized for the devices and will enhance the capacity to get more crowd on the page. Businesses on application or massages will reach out more crowd and will give a social expansion to your businesses in minimal effort. Though very few business have entered the market over Snapchat, but the majority is not at all less than Facebook.

Audience Engaging Links To Get Quality experience

Audience Engaging Links To Get Quality experience

At present, launching a video on any social site, including Facebook has become easier along with a bi9dget friendly approach. Apart from that, several brands are delivering some of the great advertisements by sharing the same brand name, where streaming live videos can also boost up the demand of that webpage.

There are a number of good platforms, which help in designing fresh videos and make uploading on social sites.

Take the advantage of identity based Pay-Per-Click marketing

Pay-Per-Click marketing

This Christmas, AdWord has revealed the identity based pay-per-click marketing. It helps to reach our target audience in an easy and elegant manner. Through this procedure, advertising and promoting own business will definitely make things simple for you.

Pay-per-click advertising makes it simpler to get floating crowds on the ground and as a client, to earn more money and reputation in the market one might heir expert professionals to make your content viral on web. Several best SEO services companies in India are there to serve the best purposes to keep up your brand name.

From the consumers to the marketers

Amongst the popular digital marketing services, promoting brands and products get more strength when the name gets expanded over the social base, where one can get the name from others can believe up to 95%. It is the biggest fact of the market, practiced for years, which can be utilized even today’s business arena. For a better business expansion sharing customers’ experience play a vital role. This will be the best way for startups also, who will get a chance to spread out over the market base through their customers only.

At last, the value of content marketing

content marketing

Many digital experts have accepted that content marketing brings a great crowd to the online wings of a business through e-books, blogs, news, articles and much more. Now the question is how can be the previous readers stressed and revert back to the site again! The simple solution of this question is something similar to retagging, where readers can be tagged over the contents. It is a great option for those who want to maintain a continuous contact with their visitors and try to understand the criteria and demand of the crowd. It becomes easier, when you add something eye catching with the contents, like videos and GIFs. The quality of content and writing style should be up to the mark to bring back the viewers on the site again.

Bhaskar Das


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